Are There Any Updates on the Bella Forrest Legal Dispute?

Anne Marble
4 min readJun 16, 2022

In April, I asked, “Is Bella Forrest the Most Popular Author You’ve Never Heard Of?” Questions continue for fans. Is the prolific Bella Forrest really back online? Or not?

Will the new books ever come out? Book 92 (that’s not a typo!) in the A Shade of Vampire series has been delayed for nearly two years. Are fans still being left out in the cold?

What happened with the lawsuit? Has it been resolved, or is it still ongoing?

The official Bella Forrest website is still locked down. So why is there another Bella Forrest website now online?

It’s like something out of one of Bella Forrest’s dystopia novels. She went from publishing hundreds of books in several series to silence.

Glimmers of Hope

Suddenly, there was hopeful news coming from the Bella Forrest, A shade of Vampire Fans Group on Facebook. (This is not the official group. The official Bella Forrest Facebook page is still locked down tight.)

On June 11, somebody posting as Bella Forrest (let’s call them the alleged Bella Forrest to avoid confusion) announced, “We are back!!!” Great news for fans, right? This poster shared the link to a working website

The alleged Bella Forrest also shared an excerpt from a new and upcoming book! Just a little tease for fans. Was it Book 92 in the A Shade of Vampire series? Well, no. When would it come out? Not yet. Just more promises.

But was it for real?

Questions Remain… And Misgivings Arise

A fan asked if this was now the official Facebook group. That’s when possible cracks appeared

When one member urged fans to be cautious, the alleged Bella Forrest disputed her claims about the lawsuit. They went on to claim that there was no lawsuit!

Then it got weirder. She went on to say that “a handful of haters” were spreading lies! (Lies, I tell you, lies!)

Hold on! I’ve seen the legal documents. Whoops! Two more! And there’s a new one that was published after my original article? I didn’t understand them, but I saw them. Does this make me one of “a handful of haters”?

Already, this promising news turned dark. It was not looking good for fans of the real Bella Forrest.

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