Snow can be pretty. Yet waking up to find your car buried is super stressful. Sadly, some otherwise well-meaning neighbors aggravate that stress by unleashing their tempers.

In the front left, you can see snow-covered branches of a tree jutting out, with a fancy light on a pole to the right. The photo shows cars on both sides of the unplowed street. They are so covered by snow that it’s hard to tell them apart. In the background, you can see snow-covered lawns and houses with roofs topped by heavy snow.

You might mean well. If you think somebody is doing something wrong, it’s OK to point it out to them patiently. But you…

Most of my articles are about true crime and justice, so I gave these articles their own spot. They’re split into several categories, such as notorious Maryland crimes and historical crimes.

There will be some overlap. I placed some true crime articles under more than one category if appropriate.

A drawing of Justitia, the Roman the goddess of justice, showing her in a Roman-style tunic with a sash. She is holding a sword in her right hand and carrying scales of justice in her left hand, and she is wearing a blindfold. In the background, Roman ruins can be spotted.


Anne Marble

I’m a writer and a copy editor with experience in editing science and engineering articles. Click Lists to find my most popular articles. And hidden gems.

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