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Anne Marble
9 min readOct 28, 2021

Here is your map to my articles on writing, reading, and movies. My articles about my family. My occasional bursts of humor. (Some contain all of the above.)

My true crime articles have their own hideout.

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My Articles for Readers and on Nerd Culture

This started out as a short (and sadly neglected) collection, but it has grown! Follow these links, and you might find new authors, new discussions, and maybe even a bit of controversy. Feel free to give them some love.

Celebrate Engaging With Books: Don’t Be a Jerk About This (Tape flags and highlighting and having fun, oh my!)

Pulling a Reverse Heist at the Library — Or How I Turned My Father Into a Library Sneak

Is Dog-Earing So Evil? — Dog-Ears or Bookmarks?

Is This Colleen Hoover Nail Polish Appropriate?

Did These Authors Write Tolkien Rip-Offs?

What to Read When Grieving: It’s Personal

Is This About Reading Tastes? Or Manners? — Why Bug People About This? (Warning: I mention JKR and HP in a semi-nostalgic way here, so some will want to avoid it.)

Can You Copyright the Sun? — The Latest Author Attack of 2023

Thoughts on Fourth Wing and Romantasy — Fantasy Romance Versus the Gatekeepers

The Latest Goodreads Review Bombing Scandal: Targeting Authors of Color

Looking Back on Author Dramas in 2023 — What Can We Learn From These Incidents?

What Is the Longest Fantasy Series? The Answer Might Surprise You (I wander into something called “The Wandering Inn…” And you won’t believe how long (and immersive) this story is.)

Is This Fantasy Cover an Abomination? — What Do You Think of This Jim Butcher Cover?

The Latest Goodreads Choice Awards Controversy: Or Romantasy and the Missing Categories

No, That Author You Hate Is Not a Plagiarist: Using Familiar Tropes Is Not Plagiarism

Don’t Bug Readers Over Silly Misperceptions: Don’t Let Your Misperceptions Get in the Way



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