Is This About Reading Tastes? Or Manners?

Anne Marble
4 min readJan 31, 2024

Why Bug People About This?

Has someone ever tried to put you down for reading young adult books? Or children’s books? Or romances or whatever? Did you wonder why?

A brown and gray Yorkshire terrier stands on the ground, looking up at us with a cranky and judgmental look.
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It has happened to me. More than once. I’ve even written about it here. Yet one incident that comes to mind happened at work.

Harry Potter and the Bagged Lunch

When the first Harry Potter books first came out, I was reading one of them in the breakroom at work. Trying to enjoy the book my bagged lunch. (Remember lunch breaks?! Sigh.)

Note: This was before JKR got weird. I gave up on JKR when she posted on Pottermore that wizards and witches used to relieve themselves where they stood and used magic to make the poop disappear rather than simply using all those powers to invent a frigging bathroom. And she got weirder after that.

Another Interlude: When I was at my previous job, in 1999, I first found out about the excitement surrounding the Harry Potter books. I stopped in a bookstore near the office. A family entered the bookstore, and the daughter made a beeline for a hardcover display of the newest Harry Potter book, probably Prisoner of Azkaban. That made me curious. Sure, I’d heard of the books. But this was the first time I saw it in the wild. Of course, I



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