Father Murders Three Children at Inner Harbor Hotel

Anne Marble
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Baltimore’s Inner Harbor is a popular destination for many families. So in 2008, it was a shock to learn that a Maryland man murdered his three young children at a hotel in the Inner Harbor.

Many families take their kids to the Inner Harbor and stay overnight in one of the hotels. These murders cast a shadow over the area for many people from the area.

Setting the Scene

Baltimore’s Inner Harbor is a popular spot for both locals and tourists. You can visit ships ranging from the Civil War-era USS Constellation to the World War II-era submarine the USS Torsk.

A photograph with an overhead view showing the Inner Harbor on the right side with the harbor water on the left and tall buildings in the background.
Baltimore’s Inner Harbor Area. (Source: Wikipedia; public domain.)

You can find attractions such as the National Aquarium in Baltimore; the Maryland Science Center; and the Baltimore World Trade Center. Not to mention sports venues such as Oriole Park at Camden Yards and M&T Bank Stadium.

The entrance to the stadium, showing a building made of brick and large windows with part of the stadium seating visible behind it.
Oriole Park at Camden Yards. (Source: Wikipeda; public domain.)

Leading Up to the Murders

On Saturday, March 29, 2008, Mark Castillo (not the heavy metal drummer) went to the Silver Spring, Maryland, house owned by his ex-wife, Dr. Amy Castillo, a pediatrician, to pick up their children for a scheduled visit. For once, she thought it would be OK. Although his behavior had been troubling, he looked fine on that day. Not that she had the power to stop him from seeing his children. The courts had not granted her a permanent protective order, not even when she described his erratic behavior. She had little choice but to let him take the children (Anthony, age 6; Austin, age 4; and Athena, age 2).

The image shows the three dark-haired children: a boy in a green shirt with a helicopter on the far left, the next youngest child in the middle in a dark blue shirt, and the young girl on the far right.
The Three Castillo Children. (Source: CBS News.)

According to reports, Mark Castillo and his three children visited the Maryland Science Center. Then, he brought them to one of the nice hotels in the Inner Harbor, a large hotel where rooms have a view of the attractions. He had their dinner delivered through room service. He let the boys play a computer game.

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