Clarkesworld Fights a Flood of AI-Created Stories

Anne Marble
4 min readFeb 22

On February 20, Editor-in-Chief Neil Clarke announced that Clarkesworld Magazine was closed to submissions because of the influx of stories created by AI.

Many first heard of this when Clarkesworld Magazine tweeted, “Submissions are currently closed. It shouldn’t be hard to guess why.” In the world of science fiction, this was a tweet felt around the globe.

A robot with a round white face and a body that looks like it was made of a number of circuits sits on a wooden bench. The robot appears to be typing on a laptop. The bench is on a floor showing cracks in the surface. There is a window behind the bench, displaying dead grass and small brown structures beyond.
(Source: Photo by Andrea De Santis on Unsplash.)
Anne Marble

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